How to create an Album

1. Create Album

create album in wordpress

2. Сreate a gallery to be included in the album

create gallery in wordpress

3. Add Items to gallery

create gallery and add items to  gallery

Create SimpLy Gallery, for example “Food & Drink”. Then add the gallery block to the post and add all the images associated with food to the gallery. And add a Gallery Cover. And link this gallery to the “Portfolio” album.

4. Publishing album. Create a Portfolio page

Add albums block to page

You can now publish your entire portfolio as a catalog. Add the Albums block to your page. In the block, you need to select the Portfolio album.

5. Selecting an Album from the list of available ones

Selecting an Album from the list of available ones

You will now have a dynamic portfolio. You will be able to add new works to certain galleries, as well as new galleries in this album (Portfolio) and your page containing this album (Portfolio) will be automatically updated.

Albums are specially designed for large and expanding catalogs. And also you will have galleries (folders of your works), which you can always share and add to any page or post (or sidebar, footer or header)